Thursday, September 04, 2008


That's what happens when you combine Wednesday and reality. Let's recap.

On Project Runway, guest judge Diane von Furstenberg challenged the contestants to make a look for her fall line, inspired by the film An Affair to Remember. So I know that I have the fashion sense of a blind woman who lets her guide dog pick out her outfits, but to me Diane is not a fashion legend. She introduced the world to the wrap dress and other assorted floral looks that now litter the racks of your local Dress Barn, or better yet Chicos, the store that gave Michael Phelps' mom an endorsement deal inspired by her matronly olympic look. But whatever, I guess I don't know anything because Kenley wouldn't stop crying with joy the whole episode. Anyway, it was Leanne for the win, two weeks running, and Stella got the [leather] boot. Leanne's winning design is pictured left. I really like it. I hope that my guide dog sniffs it out of the closet for me to wear one day.

File this next one under ABSURDLY EXCITING television news. Grant, Jason and the TAPS team were back on SciFi last night with all new episodes in the second half of the fourth season of Ghost Hunters. I love these guys. They're like America's blue collar heroes. I wonder if Bruce Springsteen will ever write a song about them. I'll start thinking of words that rhyme with Grant and Jason.

And in picking up Alanna's slack news, America's Next Top Model's 11th cycle premiered last night featuring the first ever actual transexual contestant--not just some bitchy chick with high cheekbones that gets a bad wrap from Miss Jay. Isis was featured in a photo shoot last cycle. You remember, the one where Tyra had the girls pretend to be homeless in front of actual homeless girls. NICE! Tyra decided to bring Isis back to try her hand at actual modeling, not just homeless modeling. Huh. Tyra has been accused of "tampering with the evidence" before; remember how Saleisha won cycle nine after attending Tyra Banks' Modeling Summer Camp for Really Hot Crazy Girls, or whatever its called? Now she is dragging an individual who has obviously led a somewhat troubled life into her Hot Mess Circus, just for the shock value of having a transexual. Is this morally responsible? How much of an actual career in HIGH FASHION modeling can a transexual hope for? And how long until the townspeople finally take their torches up the mountain, cross the moat, push down the barricades and kill Tyra?

For a more thorough look at ANTM, check out the illustrious Carolyn and Pat at A Blog About Things.


Mike said...

I've decided to offer this information to the public exclusively on your blog, Boob Tubers.

I spotted Tim Gunn shopping for a few items in Gristede's Supermarket at 24th st and 9th Ave last night at 7:15 p.m. He was wearing a perfectly tailored suit and slicked-back hair, as if he had teleported from the set of Project Runway into the soda-and-chips aisle.

Jeanette said...

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST, WORLD! Eat your heart out gawker stalker. I can only guess he was devising a challenge to make a cocktail dressrg out of corn chips.

Alanna said...