Wednesday, September 03, 2008


The much anticipated (yet not anticipated enough to release to critics) premiere of the new 90210 happened last night. I learned the important lesson that if I am going to watch 16 year olds on TV, I prefer them to be having sex. Or doing drugs. Or both. Simultaneously, if possible. While the kids of the hills may boast better acting skills--yay for Degrassi alum Shenae Grimes, who was only nauseating because of her dramatic weight loss--the 10021 and the Gossip Girl gang beats 90210 when it comes to overall entertainment (those Chuck Bass-tards!).

And now some excerpts from my 90210 journal:

-Really? The only organic way to introduce a black character to Beverly Hills is to have him be adopted by a white family? Really? And if there is any sort of implication of sexual chemistry between Annie and Dixon, I quit television. (Just kidding, TV. I could never quit you.)

-Why do the opening credits feel like Darren Aronofsky directed them? I think I just had a seizure.

-Okay my favorite part so far, and it's not even part of the show: watching Jessica Walter/Lucille Bluth do one of those awkward, at the premiere party interludes. She must be fun at parties. The crazy alchoholic type casting has to come from somewhere.

-Here's my ULTIMATE pet peeve of portrayals of classrooms on television, and let me know if you agree. Teacher says, "Let's start with last night's reading..." Thirty seconds later, bell rings signifying the end of class. IF ONLY, TV world, IF ONLY.


carolyn said...

you are brilliant!

Jeanette said...

You flatter me. If only brilliance could buy all the awesome goodies on your blog...

ATRollin said...

youre back! hooray, something else for me to waste time doing at work. auntie grizelda wasn't enough.

boobtubers said...

Don't say that. Auntie Grizelda is the only good thing left in this mess of a world.