Thursday, September 04, 2008

ANTM Apologies

I was supposed to blog today about the premiere of menstrual cycle 86 of America's Next Top Model but I missed the show because I was out with Jeanette at a play about a drag queen who was abducted by aliens, probed, and dropped into a mystical forest, where she ate a magic mushroom. Everything that happened after that was, I think, part of her trip. So it was a lot like watching America's Next Top Model, actually.

For those of you craving excellent TV writing (and aren't yet Beijing'ed out), I recommend you read Anthony Lane's dispatches from the Olympics in lieu of my ANTM scribblings (which will appear here next week.)

Here's Part One and Part Two. He comes across sort of as a higher brow Bill Bryson here, no offense to Bill Bryson, whose patronage I would sure appreciate.

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