Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Here's what some of TV's biggest stars / the unwashed masses had to say about the Boob Tubers' return...

"update this blog. baby jesus would want you to." --Anonymous

"I'm Chuck Bass. And I approve this re-launch." --Chuck Bass

"Even more than the close quarters of my teenage mother's womb, this blog makes me feel safe and warm." --Bristol Palin's fetus

"what the fuck jeanette, did you go on a writers strike too?" --Arthur

"I lied. I was actually admitted to rehab for being addicted to The Boob Tubers, not sex. Can you blame me?" --David Duchovny

"There are only two things that get me churning with excitement: warm ocean waters and the Boob Tubers." --Hurricane Gustav

"OK, OK, I am gay... FOR THIS BLOG!" --Kevin Spacey

"remember when you guys would watch tv?" --Anonymous

Yes, Anonymous, we remember. And we're going to watch TV better than ever before! Check back soon for uh, actual content.

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