Thursday, September 18, 2008


A guy in my office...let's call him John...because that is his name...shared the following casting call with me.

Casting Call: Semi Abound, the producers behind Ghost Hunters on SCI FI Channel, is looking for a person to join the paranormal investigation team on a new series which will begin production very soon. The interested candidate should be a professional full- or part-time ghost hunter, spiritual medium, paranormal researcher or someone who is fascinated by the supernatural. The person must also be outgoing, enthusiastic and ready to join the team as early as September 24. Candidates should send an email to along with name, phone number, a recent photo and a brief description of why you would be great on the show. Applicant deadline is this Thursday.

This means two things. One, you must apply TODAY if you are interested in joining America's blue collar heroes in their multi-show quest. Two is that I am so unashamedly a fan of Ghost Hunters that I LOUDLY AND PROUDLY shout it across my workplace. Good for me.

I wonder what this show will be...we already have Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International, and even though SciFi is cable I unfortunately don't think they'll do Ghost Hunters: Get in Steve's I guess Ghost Hunters Outerspace it is!


Anonymous said...

first time reader, long time friend.

Damn, i wish that our consecutive period of unemployment (or should i say undervalued employment, as I worked at the place that makes 12 year old girls become anorexic, AE and you worked at another place that has become all to familiar with 12 year old girls, StarCups!) we took up an interest in the paranormal and then we could add that to our resume and try out! Oh, who knew 4 years down the line that being afraid of ghosts would be come to trendy. Scooby Doo would approve!


Anonymous said...

* i meant: "become so trendy"

Jeanette said...

This weekend Crista and I watched the MESSIEST HOUSE IN AMERICA episode of Clean House. The guy on the show was an amateur ghost hunter. We're cleaner than he is.