Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Quick blupdate

Just a few thoughts on TV I've watched recently...

The MTV Movie Awards: Why was this so awkward? Robert Pattinson requiring a note to remind him to thank the cast and crew of Twilight? Kiefer Sutherland fake-crying for like thirty minutes? Bruno teabagging Eminem? OK, that last one was great. But otherwise, everyone seemed vaguely uncomfortable and/or high and Andy Samberg was wasted--WASTED I TELL YOU--as host. The show also made me wonder when exactly MTV switched their target demographic. When I was a kid, and too young to be watching MTV but watching it nevertheless (thanks Mom and Dad!) the programming was skewed more toward twenty- and thirty-somethings. Today, it's tween paradise. That's the only explanation for the fact that Zac Efron and Robert "surprisingly zero charisma" Pattinson won EVERYTHING.

The House finale: Obvs I'm way late to this, but I'd love to hear theories about what's up in the good doctor's brain. I doubt he's actually suffering from something schizo-related--how could the show continue with a legitimately crazy House? Maybe the format will switch to House puttering around a padded cell doing differential diagnoses of imaginary patients with like, a muppet, the ghost of Kumar, and a talking banana. Which actually sounds amazing.

No, but it's got to be either the aftermath of his head injury from the previous season--which also hardly works because symptoms should have manifested earlier--or just way too much Vicodin, which is kind of banal but the only realistic solution.

Also, why did the psychiatric facility he ended up at look like a Victorian asylum?? Is his roommate the Marquis de Sade? I mean seriously--are there really any facilities left in the country with like, fucking ivy-covered brick and ominous signage? Aren't they all just sanitized hospital wards? Is House going to face off against Nurse Ratched?