Wednesday, September 24, 2008

House-a Wowsa Wowsa! House, M.D. 9/23/08

Wow[sa], I thought last night's episode was just great, which is a relief after last week's mournfest.
It was really nice of the House team to let M. Night Shyamalan guest write/direct the cold open. A montage of people collapsing and bleeding out of their mouths!? How very The Happening!

Also, you may recall the news from a few weeks ago that they would be trying out a new character on House, and if successful, he would get his own show. This is actually an old school method of testing out a new show before investing in a pilot or series pickup. The last time I remember seeing this was when Peter Marc Jacobson, the brains behind The Nanny, used an entire half hour of the show to introduce us to a Queens, NY hair salon, complete with a stereotypical Korean nail technician and older, flamboyantly gay gentleman. Needless to say, we never saw this show come to fruition.

But Michael Weston really came through as private investigator Lucas Douglas, who House hires seemingly to investigate his patients, but of course House really wants to investigate Wilson. I was LOLing at their chemistry fo' sho'. Not clear yet if Douglas has enough to carry his own show, and not sure if I would want him to--aren't we done with the male character actors carrying shows trend? Let's get some ladies up in here. And by here up in here I mean in leading roles on network television.

My one complaint is that Douglas, as well as the patient of the week (POW), both fell into the annoying trap of serving as a catalyst for House introspection. Douglas yeses House, and confesses that he is doing so only because this is what he knows House wants (cue House looking off, clearly pondering how he misses Wilson). And when the POW is unbandaged and can see for the first time, House asks her how he looks. Sad, she says (cue House looking off, clearly pondering...everything). I doubt so many randoms in Gregory House's life would actually take this vested interest in how effed up he is. Find a new plot device, writers!

And finally, in my non-technical words...
Symptons: Multiple people, all recipients of organ transplants from the same doner, are collapsing and dying, each because of the failure of a different organ. The one recipient remaining alive recieved a cornea transplant...

Diagnosis: The doner suffered from some sort of infection that caused foreign cells to become part of major organs, but these cells are incapable of functioning in the way they are supposed to as part of their host organ, leading to a gradual failure. POW had "brain but not brain." As soon as the problem cells were removed, she was healthy and able to see better than ever.

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marissa said...

1st of all, this episode was GREAT! I concurr completely... and even though in the past (as beautifully pointed out with an excellent "nanny" reference) the whole "crossover to new show" device does not always work... I have faith that this one might, even though I kind of selfishly want him to stay on HOUSE. Their chemistry was great.

2nd of all, Hugh Laurie might have too many reasons to look off, all sad, but I am not going to berate the writers for giving us close ups of his GORGEOUS blue eyes! Le Sigh. :)