Friday, November 10, 2006

Survivor Cook Islands 11/9/06: OMFG!

Wow! Wowee wow wow wow! What a shit show of a Survivor episode! I loved it! You may think Mark Burnett is off his rocker, coming up with the most sensatonal stunts legally possible to get America to watch, and you're probably right, but Survivor grabbed this longtime but now wavering fans by the [hypothetical] balls last night!

Firstly, I almost threw up my delicious, homemade grilled cheese on wheat when Jonathan shared with Candace the prospect of it being the four "caucasians" left at the end. What?! I thought we were over that publicity stunt. I have spent the past few weeks marveling at how race went from being the main issue on Survivor Cook Islandsto being an almost non issue once the tribes merged. People were voted off because they were bat shit crazy (see Cao Boi), not because of the color of their skin. And of course it's a cracker that would keep the racial sentiments around. Perhaps I shouldn't be throwing that term around in light of Langliebgate 06, but I don't care!

AND if Jonathan's temporary posession by William J. Simmons wasn't enough, Jeff "I am second only to Ryan Seacrest in my reality show hosting abilities" Probst threw a curveball (or coconut, if you will) before the rewards challenge; all Survivors had a ten second opportunity to start a 'mutiny' by deciding to switch to the opposing tribe. Candance took him up on this so that she could be back with her BFFEAEAEs Parvati and Adam. BUT, at the last second Jonathan joined her. Good job, Candace, because Survivor is definitely all about making friends and not at all about strategizing to win a million dollars. Also, good job, Jonathan, because Survivor is all about following around a hot, blonde twenty something that wants nothing to do with the modern day Richard Hatch.

It doesn't matter what any of these pawns do, though, because Yul is probably the best human being to have ever walked the planet. Yul for President 2008. He'll be running for the AWESOME party.


SwampHag said...

LOL! I felt the same about this week's episode (and about Yul!).

I had been telling my best friend earlier in the week how boring Survivor had become for me. The challenges are good but well, it's the same ol' same ol, and they need to change the venue (still think they do; enough of the tropical islands!) and do SOMEthing to capture my interest again.

The mutiny was great and it just got better from there. I went from not really caring to REALLY caring. Now we have people to root for, now there are underdogs who are smart and loyal and strong and who make it soooo sweet when they win!

I can't wait for next week!

Jeanette said...

Yul's worthiness is SO CLEAR to me...I can't believe that people haven't turned on him yet...he is such an obvious threat and he OBVIOUSLY has the immunity from exile island...either everyone else is an idiot or there is some deceptive editing going on.

And yeah, I think a deciduous survivor would be in the Yukon!

Aaron Riccio said...

Well, don't forget that last year nobody found the immunity until the fifth time somebody went (and the second time they were sent). Yul's only been once, he was second; he was just really smart. And the people who have been there since are really stupid. Yul IS the man, but Ozzie -- Ozzie's probably the best athlete on the show. I love rooting for their team. Next week, let's watch Jonathan go!

Jeanette said...

AHHH I didn't know you watched Survivor! I thought Lost was your deserted island show! Jonathan or Adam would be fine with me...