Thursday, November 16, 2006

Awareness Tubers: UCLA Student Mostafa Tabatabainejad Unfairly Tasered

Ever since Langlieb Gate '06, Alanna and I have marveled about how a jaunt into the world of current events can really up your hit counts. Maybe I should feel a little guilty for bringing this off topic event up here, but when I saw this on YouTube, I was in shock. Plus, I found it on Perez Hilton, and we easily have more substance to our blog than him, so why shouldn't I post this here (not to say I don't enjoy your sass and the way you make it look like there's cum coming out of everyone's mouths in your pictures, Perez).

Anyway, backstory is UCLA student Mostafa Tabatabainejad was studying in the library circa 11:30 PM one night earlier this week, and when he was not able to produce his university ID, the following incident occurred:

Two lessons here. One, don't be a racist asshole, cops included. I can see why the university cops would feel frustrated with their position; whenever one would give me a parking ticket for being in a "Frat Brothers Only" zone or something, I'd usually laugh and yell out "FAKE COPS" as they rolled away on their golf cart. But that doesn't mean you can TASER someone. JESUS CHRIST what were these guys even doing with any weapons. THEY ARE NOT REAL POLICE. I was legitimately touched and happy that the victim's fellow students were telling them to stop and asking for their badge numbers. I hope these guys get demoted to dining hall patrol or something.

Second lesson, someone has a camera everywhere, always. If you do something retarded, there is a huge chance it will end up on YouTube. Just last night, Alanna and Vivian were doing some very vivacious cat impersonations on my bed. If I had a camera, they would have been SCREWED for the rest of their professional lives. Don't be retarded.

Oooh, maybe our racist anonymous commentor of yore will come back in defense of the fake police.

Also, read more here.


klaas said...

I don't know how it came about that signaling disapproval by comparing someone to an unconnected disadvantaged minority seems to be gaining acceptability, but I wish it weren't. "Don't be a faggot" is not something that people who consider themselves open-minded are likely to say these days, but somehow "Don't be retarded" lost or is losing that status.

Vigilante said...

Since when is it reasonable not to comply to a reasonable request to present identification? I wannabe on this jury when this case comes to trial.

Alanna said...

Since when is it reasonable to taser somebody just because they don't have ID? Shit, I better be careful not to leave my driver's license at home from now on, if that's considered an appropriate response.

Jeanette said...

Interesting, vigilante...I do catch myself throwing around the r word but am disgusted by the f word. Time for some soul searching...