Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ed Bradley, 65, Loses Battle with Leukemia

According to the Hollywood Reporter,
Veteran "60 Minutes" correspondent Ed Bradley died of leukemia Thursday morning at a New York City hospital. He was 65. CBS News said Thursday morning that Bradley died at Mount Sinai Hospital. Bradley was a correspondent at "60 Minutes" for 26 years, covering a number of the show's biggest stories and winning 19 Emmys during his career. His most recent was for a "60 Minutes" segment on the reopening of the 1950s racial murder of Emmett Till.

This is truly a shame, and Ed will no doubt be missed. I feel like I hardly knew him, but that's probably because I am hardly 60 Minutes' target demographic. Starting today, I will certainly be holding my main man Charles Osgood nearer and dearer, because you just never know.

Also, David Langlieb.

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Langlieb said...

Ed Bradley was a good guy. His interview with Michael Jackson was the best thing I ever accidentally watched on TV while I was flipping around during the 4th quarter of a hopeless Jets game. In the history of television, I don't think there has been a greater disparity in dignity between interviewer and interviewee. And that will likely remain true until Kofi Annan's upcoming appearance on the Robin Byrd show.

Rest in peace, Ed.

In conclusion, David Langlieb.