Monday, December 01, 2008

TV News Roundup

Tina Fey's husband divulges the origins of her scar to Maureen Dowd, who spends the majority of her Vanity Fair article scrutinizing that and other sundry aspects of Fey's appearance, because that's what womenfolk are good for.

Britney Spears hosted her very own infomercial last night, the saddest in the world, sadder even than the Snuggie.

The Post and I agree that Colbert's Christmas special sucked. I think he has officially jumped the shark, even though the phrase "jumped the shark" jumped the shark a while ago, and therefore this blog has now jumped the shark.

If you love Poor Man's Version of that HBO Show with the Four Narcissistic Harpies Who Probably Helped Inspire the Economy's Downfall, AKA Lipstick Jungle, buy a Nielsen meter and start watching soon OR ELSE.

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