Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Vivian's take on The Hills

I TRIPLE DOG DARE PROMISE that I will be back ASAP with my assessment of holiday themed programming.

Until then, please enjoy guest tuber Vivian's take on THE HILLS, the show that no regular Boob Tuber can watch without experiencing a violent physical reaction...

Might as well call it "Over The Hills"! MTV's hit reality drama appears to take its cues from another sassy foursome--Dorothy, Sophia, Blanche, and Rose of The Golden Girls! Compelling photo documentation is worth a thousand words. I am not including Audrina because she is particularly useless.

Lauren/Dorothy: Both weathered their sex scandals with dignity, grace, and rage. They are the cuckqueaned protagonists who can't laugh at themselves.

Lo/Sophia: The sneering and snarky moms of the protagonist. Such bitches.

Heidi/Blanche: These one-armed vixens share a penchant for big busts and boys boys boys!

Whitney/Rose: Notably nicer than the other gals, these mildly dumb (yet charming) blondes purvey an endless supply of funny faces.

This concludes the most intellectually-challenging analysis of The Hills published on the Internet, or any other media, to date. I promise you.

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