Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pre-holiday Miscellany

First, I'd like to point you to Three Easy Payments, in which a former classmate of mine reviews commercials. This blog features both hilarity and the correct usage of the word "interrobang."

Second, could someone tell me whether Gail Simmons has left Top Chef for good? Last we saw her, she was being ridiculous at her bridal shower (i.e. blaming the chefs for ruining her upcoming marriage with sub-par sushi rolls). She was conspicuously absent from the last episode, and previews reveal a surly bald Brit in her place. AS IF ANYONE COULD REPLACE GAIL.

I think she's so awesome that I actually permitted my boyfriend to cheat on me with her, should the opportunity ever arise. Seriously, watch reruns and see how amazing Gail's life is. She says nothing of value and appears to be there just to go NOM NOM NOM on delicious food. Every now and then she makes a half-hearted attempt at criticism but mostly just walks around out-adorabling Padma in cutely ridiculous dresses. GAIL 4 LYFE.


Three easy payments said...

ha! Thanks for the shoutout. I am delighted that this blog exists. Where were we classmates?

Alanna said...

American... this is Rusty right? I'm a friend of Dan Zak's.

Three easy payments said...

Close! This is rusty's girlfriend, Erie. I worked with dan at the eagle.

Alanna said...

Ohh okay so like a 3 degree separation. Very funny blog!