Wednesday, December 03, 2008

In Honor of the 76th Annual Lighting of The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree TONIGHT on NBC

This morning, Harry Connick Jr. was on the Today show (for what seems like the 18th time this month) to promote his new Christmas album as well as his appearance at tonight's tree lighting. I get overly excited when usually stoic and artificial morning TV personalities do something real or funny. Usually I can rely on Matt Lauer to show such glimmers in otherwise painful banter. Today, Harry Connick Jr. played along and did not give into the always looming fear that midwestern housewives will be insulted by obvious sarcasm. HILARIOUS!

And in celebration of that big old tree getting lit, remember these...(Watch 'em all, they get better as they go. I also understand better is a relative term, but watch anyway.)


Pat said...

"I mean, I'll take SpongeBob... I don't wanna get pregnant" should be on your tombstone.

You know.. when you die... in many MANY years.

Jeanette said...

Or I will just have my ashes put in a pineapple shaped urn.

Marissa Leigh said...

jeanette, how hilarious!! when did you make these???