Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Jeanette's Stream of Consciousness, 10/9/06 Studio 60 , Reliving Jay Mohr's Nightmare (it's not waking up each day realizing he's Jay Mohr)

Since my posts are done when I am at work, it's becoming harder and harder for me to write manifestos as we have seen other tubers do, namely regarding Lost. Jesus, I didn't get a word of that. OTHERS? POLAR BEARS? COCONUTS?! WHAT?! WHO IS WITH ME!? ABC, you so crazy.

So here are my television thoughts for Tuesday, October 10th...

I do not understand entertainment trade publications and their need for nicknames. When CBS is referred to solely as the eye, it makes sense. It is easier to say eye than it is to say CBS. The same can be said for NBC being referred to as the peacock. Say them both out loud...now which is easier? Why, peacock of course, both for its lack of a third syllable and its tendency to give you the giggles! But calling ABC the alphabet network and its parent company Disney the Mouse House, while cute, does not save breath or trees. It does, however, make any speaker invoking the slang sound just as cool as Ari Gold.

Last night, the second half hour of Studio 60 was magnamulous. I continue to be thrilled to see Evan Handler in a meaty, post Sex and the City role. Last night, Evan's Ricky Beck handled chaos with grace as Dylan (Bradley Whitford) and Matt (Matthew Perry) dealt with plagarism from the writer's room. Simon's (DL Hughley) abnormally funny rant on the Studio 60 version of Weekend Update was reminscent of a piece written much earlier by someone else... In Gasping for Airtime, Jay Mohr recalls a similar incident , where he blatantly steals a bit from Rick Shapiro's stand up. If it is the first month of Studio 60 and we have already seen them deal with this issue, and other predictable live TV show issues such as power outages, where do we stand with plot development, you may ask. I say we still haven't seen Dylan do blow off a hooker's ass, so this show has room to grow!

And also, please don't accuse me of getting on the box full of peacock soap that pays my rent, but feel free to enjoy tomorrow night's premiere of 30 Rock. I have seen the pilot which is certainly better than any 30 minute comedy out there on network TV (Ahem, Two and a Half Craps, eye network). But even if tomorrow's show doesn't 100% strike your fancy, please tune in next week, when the show is supposed to be HILarious.


Anonymous said...

bradley whitford's character on studio 60 is danny, not dylan.

i second your evan handler notion. I LOVE HIM.

Langlieb said...

I can't wait for the Studio 60 episode when "Bohn Jelushi" ODs on ether. Or the Studio 60 episode when "Onead Sh'Connor" destroys a picture of Mohammed. Thank god NBC - I'm sorry, the peacock - has decided that what the world really needs is warmed over fictionalized recaps of things that were barely interesting when they actually happened. I haven't seen this show, but it sounds like ass.

It is nice to see Harry re-employed, though.

Alanna said...

What are you saying Langlieb, that the entertainment industry is completely masturbatory? I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE THAT THAT'S TRUE.

Diner Girl said...

30 Rock can lick my butt. That was an awful pilot.

Jeanette said...

Okay, diner girl, but if you read on, you will see I encouraged you to wach week 2. Check it out like a book on Reading Rainbow.