Sunday, June 25, 2006

Lucky Louie 6/25/06 - An Ode to THIS Guy

In this week's episode of Lucky Louie, we are exposed to more lower middle-class family dynamics as Kim (Pamela Adlon) actually defends herself against a "crackhead" mugger. Louie's (Louis CK) negligent landlord leaves his apartment doorless in order to repair the lock. Nick DiPaolo is cast in this part, probably because of his real life negligence...towards not sucking at stand-up (ba dum CHING).

Sure, the third out of the gate episode of this fledgling sitcom boasts its now expected wrong-side-of-the-track Full House morals. But once again, the Danny Tanner meets Hell's Angels moment is not the take home point. Instead it's the penis:

Oh come on, I can't ACTUALLY put a picture of a penis. Well, I could, but then Alanna and I would have to kiss our oh so precious 5-10 year old target demographic goodbye. But Gonzo's face sure does LOOK like a penis. Just imagine Gonzo's face, in pure view for a full sixty seconds in the groin area of this guy, actor/comedian/full frontal extrordanaire Rick Shapiro:

Now, don't get me wrong. I want as much out of my pay TV as I can get. If there is a partial in front of the nudity before an episode of The Sopranos, I am the FIRST one to accuse the Bada Bing dancers of slacking. Last week, America met Louis CK's schmeckel for the first time. But because it was post coitus, we could construe it as partially necessary to meet the little pink devil. Just like it is necessary for us to watch a Jersey chick sliding a banana in and out of her DDs while Tony makes a business deal. But the jury is still out on whether or not seeing Rick Shapriro's unkempt manhood was a quality way for me to begin my television viewing week.

Are you a groundbreaker, Rick? Will penis in primetime become so en vogue that Little Howie Mandel will pop out of suitcase number 14 next year, making the ULTIMATE deal? Or are you a simultanous trendsetter AND trendbreaker, Rick? Will Ryan Seacrest's balls retreat deeper inside his body in relief that peen on TV is not what Americans idolize? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!!!

Oh, and if you actually like reading anything of substance, I am sure Alanna will be comparing Deadwood to the cumulative musings of Jean Paul Sartre for you really soon.


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Anonymous said...

The male organ is a hideous, sickening thing, and rapidly outliving its usefulness to boot. With our future riding on in vitro fertilization and cloning, the penis will soon be relegated exclusively to HBO's late night programming. By Season 36 of "Lucky Louie" dick jokes will fail to resonate even among the small cadre of nostalgists and insomniac robots who will lack the appropriate frame of reference.

Impossible you say? Perhaps you'd like to join your friends at the Creationism clinic. It's a brave new world out here, and evolution's a bitch. Deal with it, James Dobson.

As an aside, by season 36 of "Lucky Louie" the cute little girl will be marginally less cute.