Thursday, October 12, 2006


We're none of us Grey's Anatomy fans, but I can't help but take notice at the recent brouhaha on their set. For those of you who are too busy going to the opera or adopting African orphans to pay attention to B-list scuffles, Isaiah Washington tried to choke a bitch -- the bitch in question being Patrick Dempsey.

I can't really speculate as to what this was about, but there's definitely something about Dempsey's mug that makes me want to break out my long-abandoned tae kwan do skills. Look at him - he's smug, simpering, other "s" words. He looks like Sean Penn's goofy little brother. (The one who didn't OD.) And face it, McDreamy fans - that hair is ridiculous.


Hey Pretty said...

Word to the nth degree. McDreamy makes me want to hurl things at my television. Everything is always about him.

Alex, on the other hand...that's a totally different story. Yum.

Viv said...

Incorrect. HOT.

also, the word verification this time was "swomzgkz" haha, that sounds like a blogging expletive.