Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Top Chef/Heroes Crossover?

Tom Colicchio is a hero! According to E! Online:

While most celebs were spending the days leading to the inauguration partying around Washington, D.C., Top Chef chieftain Tom Colicchio was busy saving lives.

The reality-show judge and all-star restaurateur came to the rescue of a fellow foodie Monday night at the Art. Food. Hope benefit. The event, which featured attendees like Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein and Rachel Maddow, was hosted by cookbook author Joan Nathan (The New American Cooking).

As originally reported on the Internet Food Association blog, Colicchio was cornered by Top Chef fans peeved by last week's elimination, when another famed chef, Alice Waters, frantically began calling for help. Nathan was choking on a piece of chicken.

And that's when Colicchio sprang into action.

He deftly performed the Heimlich maneuver, dispatching the chicken and saving Nathan.

It's so awesome to see that with all the crazy, medical technology we have today (anyone hear if Obama has done anything about stem cells yet?) that the Heimlich, which sounds like something convicted to death at Nuremberg, is still relevant. One time, a chef from the Dublin restaurant Gallagher's Boxty House saved my little sister's life with the Heimlich. We feld kind of bad since his food really sucked.

Tune in tonight to congratulate the hero and watch TOP CHEF on Bravo. Perhaps more importantly, tune in to send Carla good vibes. Ariane was kicked off last week, so apparently it's time to get rid of the nice, older ladies. Carla is the main reason I watch, ever since Vivian pointed out weeks ago that she bears a striking resemblance in appearance and demeanor to Myrtle Urkel, Steve Urkel's cousin played by the incomparable Jaleel White in Drag. See for yourself...


I wonder if Alanna will finish jizzing in her pants in time to give everyone a LOST recap tomorrow. My money is on red...what?


Alanna said...

Not only will I provide a Lost recap, but I will also do so whilst singing "I Jizzed in My Pants" by Andy Samberg.

Jeanette's Mother said...

Any other recollections of Gallagher's Boxty House? Valerie was not the only Duffy girl to have caused commotion there.

Jeanette said...

I mean I don't remember causing a scene, but if I did, it probably centered on the fact that the food did suck.

Jeanette said...

Also, mom, no last names. Do you want the feds to find me?

Jeanette's Mother said...

Well, maybe the scene in question WAS caused by the food sucking (in your opinion) you sat in your seat next to me quietly vomiting up your that I think about it, it was I who caused the commotion - shrieking for help.