Thursday, January 08, 2009

Dream Men

30 ROCK is back tonight on its quest to become more than a critic's and smart people audience's darling. HELP IT OUT, FOLKS, AND TUNE IN!

I, for one, am thrilled to see Peter Dinklage as Liz Lemon's love interest starting on tonight's episode. I once had a dream in which Peter Dinklage was hot in pursuit of me, actually. We were in a pony-riding ring when this happened, and I nicely turned him down. I think this dream occurred sometime after his season on NIP TUCK.

In honor of my little person lover's guest starring stint on a show that churns out guest starring Emmy nominees like an Amish girl does butter, I present to you, ladies and gentlemen, television celebrities I have also had (embarrassingly) intimate dreams about.

1. Kelsey Grammar- One of my first dreams of an intimate nature, this one was very straightforward. I was on top, looked down, and thought...gross. He didn't even make me tossed salad and scrambled eggs afterwards. Har har har.

2. Jack Osbourne- I am hard pressed to count this one because in my dream, I was actually somebody else. I have heard that if you are able to dream that you're somebody else, you're clinically insane.

3. Seth Rogen- This one was also straightforward and, in my dream, happened right after a birthday party for my sister. Seth and I ALMOST had a round two in dreamland recently. We were both high school exchange students studying in Japan. We were trying to get weed together and I saw where it was going and stopped it. In reality, though, I wouldn't turn Seth down.

4. Josh Radnor- In this dream, there was no intercourse. Actually, Josh Radnor just gave me a really strong and satisfying hug as he told me he would rather sleep with Charlize Theron. I get it, Josh. I would probably have made the same choice.



Alanna said...

"I told you, no threesomes unless it's boy, boy, girl... or Charlize Theron." NAME THAT REFERENCE!

ATRollin said...


marie said...

did you forget your one about paul giamatti- or is that just a real life fantasy?

Jeanette's Mom said...

You read your Mom's mind before your Mom thought the thoughts you read - is there a word for deja vou of someone else's experience? I can't think of it if there is, because right now I am at a loss for many words.

PS to Arthur - So glad Jeanette has doubly entertained you with this (fill in the descriptive adjective - I can't) posting.

Jeanette said...

Whatever, mom, you never had to take care of any STDs or schmaschmorshions before I hit adulthood.

And Marie, Paul and me are 4REAL.

Jeanette's Mom said...

You're taking my comment as being judgmental - it was not. It was just my observation. If we had Interactive Blog-TV you would have seen/heard me laughing.

I'd end this comment with a smiley face but I hate them.

marie said...

marie = teresa

Marissa Leigh said...

omg, why are you embarrased about josh radnor? he's so cute and hilarious... i would NEVER put him in the same list at KELSEY GRAMMER! ewwwww LOL

jeanette, if i haven't said it before, you are a nutbag, but man do i love u! <3

Jeanette said...

I KNOW Teresa. I was trying to protect your secret blog commenting identity.

Jeanette said...

Oh I agree, Marisa, ain't no shame in Josh Radnor. The embarassment is more having a dream in which I am turned down for Charlize. Aren't your dreams supposed to be the one place where things always go your way?

Vivian said...

Don't worry, Charlize Theron had a dream where she chose you over Josh Radnor. That is how dream karma works.