Thursday, November 06, 2008

Boob Tubers Endorsement for Treasury Secretary

Suze Orman, of course! Not only to add a lesbian to the currently exclusively black-and-Jew administration, but because she's, uh, AWESOME!?!

Just think of the possibilities...

Obama: We need to establish a program that will pump funds into higher education.
Orman: Show me the money! Show me the money.
Obama: Well, we're trillions in debt, but young people can't afford coll-
Orman: You have shame and you have blame. How are you going to pay for this?
Obama: Um, I was going to go to the Education House Committee...
Orman: DENIED! Denied, denied, denied. Plant some flowers instead.
Obama: Wha...?
Biden: I have a question.
Orman: Shoot, J-man.
Biden: Can I afford $5,000 hair plugs?
Obama: I am a poor judge of character.

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J.J. said...

Fantastic. Yes.

I was inspired to check out the real Suze Orman after seeing Wiig do her. And you know what? Her TV show mesmerizes me. Caught it a couple weeks ago and have watched it several times since. Love it.