Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Save Pushing Daisies!!!!!

Hello Dear Readers!

This is Marissa... a loyal Boobtubers reader, and avid TV snarkmaster. My dear friend Alanna is allowing me to vent, using this forum under the dire circumstances. Yes, it is true what you have heard that "Pushing Daisies" is in danger of cancellation.... and so disheartened by this news am I, that I am doing everything in my power to convince people to start watching this wonderful show.

"Pushing Daisies" is unlike any show you will ever watch! Full of whimsy and hilarity...with an excellent and supremely talented cast (not to mention the amazing writing), this EMMY nominated show has a little bit of everything. For the Artistic crowd it has colorful sets, sweeping camera action and amazing direction. For the *swoon worthy*, it has the delicious Lee Pace (The Fall), and the luscious Anna Friel. For the musical lovers, it features the ASTOUNDING Kristen Chenowith (Wicked, The Music Man), Ellen Greene (Little Shop of Horrors) and frequents guest stars such as Raul Esparza (Company, RHPS etc...), Molly Shannon, Paul Reubens, Mike White and David Arquette.

Yes, dear readers, this show has everything. I myself fell in love with it on the FIRST viewing... not only as a person who loves musicals and whimsy in general, but the heart of the story, and the persistence of the writers to not turn it into just another prime time drama, makes for a very excellent viewing experience. The characters have depth, humor and good story arcs, and at the end of the day, they are just portrayed so well by the actors, that it's almost like taking a little vacation from your life, to get sucked into this fantasy land, and just allow yourself, for one hour to be supremely happy...

A quick recap, for those who have never seen the show: Ned (The Piemaker) has an uncanny gift... he can raise the dead. If someone has died, he can touch them and bring them back to life for a minute. However, if he does not touch them again before the minute is up (thereby keeping them alive), someone/something else will die in their place. This would not come in handy if it weren't for sketchy (and HILARIOUS) P.I. Emerson Cod (played by the delightful Chi McBride), who uses Ned to wake murder victims and get the scoop on who did them in so he can make some ca-a-ash. Through a series of usually slap-stick events, the unlikely pair solve crimes in their small town. Meanwhile, Ned has a childhood sweetheart, Chuck, who was killed and brought back to life by Ned. This would be-pair has a love affair that requires them not to touch, or else Chuck would die again. Of course this requires you to suspend reality a bit... it is also heart warming and sweet, and the two actors play off each other so well, and have such chemistry that you forget about their inability to touch within seconds of watching them. The cast of characters that surround these 3 range from ridiculous to knee slappingly funny, including but not limited to, a pair of agoraphobic, synchronized swimming aunts, singing waitresses, taxidermy obsessors and a local coroner who turns a not so blind eye to the goings on at the morgue.

I encourage everyone to start tuning in on Wednesdays at 8pm on ABC... and in the meantime, get the 1st season on DVD! Or go to www.televisionwithoutpity.com to reap full recaps of all of the shows thus far. You will not be sorry! In a time when TV is being taken over by "reality" and nonsense...there is one thing we can all use a little of... Charm. And "Pushing Daisies" has it in spades.


Tami Shaloum said...

Very well said...and true! I am a fan as well. Save the pie maker!

Jeanette's mother said...

I want to be a snarkmaster.