Monday, October 27, 2008

Commercial Break!

You may remember* my personal vow a few weeks back to watch at least one commercial break per program when viewing a DVRd program, so as to keep television free. Boy, are you fast forwarders missing out on some wacky stuff! Here are some commercials to have recently caught my eye.

Watch this one for Playskool's Helmet Heroes, which aired during House on 10/14. Pay close attention to the commercial's first line and then meet me after for discussion.

Can I imagine getting arrested in my own home?! Sadly, thanks to Post 9/11 Patriot Act politics, YES! And even if I couldn't imagine it, why is that something that I would want to imagine? You betchya, sometimes I just kick back and dream of what it would be like for my household to turn into some sort of Lord of the Flies reenactment, complete with little boys living out their frustration resulting from the cult of masculinity's societal pressures on them. Wow, did you tap into the minds of the House watching demographic, Playskool!

Then there are these quirky adds from that have jumped the pond and can be most often viewed during the first two hours of The Today Show.

If you're instinct is to laugh at these, I'll tell you why you are a racist elitist. You know what really nags me? Minorities. And you know what else really nags me? Obese people. Why do we have to have the physical embodiments of our most irritating concerns be represented by people outside of the norm, huh? Is telling us that we must take steps to get red of Southeastern Asians and obese people because they're not like us? I think so.

What commercials have caught your eye recently? Let me know when I get back from reading some Irigaray and burning my bra.

*You definitely don't remember.


Pat said...

...guess I'll deprogram my blog entry about those Nagging Questions commercials.

In all seriousness, I love the Indian guy and how he loses all control of his voice volume and says, "can I eat eggs, CLAMS AND CRAB LEGS?!"

Makes me happy.

Alanna said...

the second one is a bit awkward, i must say!!

Vivian said...

SHOUT OUT IRIGARAY speaking of elites.

I wonder if those would be equally perturbed with a hot blonde heavy-breathing questions onto their necks.