Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Can I steal you for a second?

Two irreverent comedy posts in a row! I LOLd today when I read the NY Post TV section's one liner regarding what tonight's third season premiere of the Sara Silverman Program is about: After Sarah smokes pot for the first time, she leaves herself a message that begs her to take her under-the-influence ideas seriously. It may or may not have hit a little too close to home. Watch it on Comedy Central!

In celebration of the premiere, please enjoy a clip from my favorite episode last season. Granted, this is not my favorite scene; my favorite scene is when a young Sarah opts to hold up doody on a stick for passing cars instead of say goodbye to her dying mother, yelling doody as each car passes. But the song is pretty good. I am just ruining my credibility with my off-kilter youtube sharing, aren't I? I swear I am at least of average intelligence...

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Vivian said...

Sarah Silverman's intepretation of a cooking show is oddly similar to "Food Party"