Monday, June 18, 2007

Entourage Season 4 Premiere

Last night's Entourage was highly anticipated, since we actually got to see the crew doing something other than dick around, smoke pot, and sleep with hot chicks. Now they were dicking around, smoking pot, and sleeping with hot chicks while making a move in Colombia.

Vincent Chase's acting as seen in the dailies is craptacular. But still not as craptacular as Turtle's. Turtle reached new levels of suckiness as he had to act candid for the documentary on the making of Medellin. I stand by my suggestion that HBO branch out into reality television for a show called Acting School in which Jerry Ferrera and Jamie-Lynn Siegler go to, well, acting school. Because they suck.

Fellow tuber Alanna speculated that this documentary we watched was going to end up being something along the lines of Lost in La Mancha, documenting the downward spiral of Medellin. I, for one, think Medellin is going all the way. Ryan Seacrest interviewing Vincent Chase on the Oscars red carpet would be ratings gold.

And finally, most importantly, confirm or deny: Adrian Grenier/Vince in full Pablo Escobar makeup is a dead ringer for Andy Kaufman's alter ego Tony Clifton.


Alanna said...

Even "Billy Walsh" was craptacular last night. Usually he does a pretty good job as a pretentious Vincent Gallo type director, but he was really over the top in Sunday's ep.

Also, Vincent Chase's Spanish was an abomination.

Jeanette said...

That's true. He kept saying yo quiero taco bell...I don't think Pablo Escobar even knew wat Taco Bell was.

And here's hoping that Billy's brilliant re-write includes a real time BJ.

Anonymous said...

chris farley would totally have gone to xanadu with you, were he alive. i can only imagine his comments when kerry butler starts talking in a fake australian accent.

David said...

Yes, Mediellen is surely Walsh's Brown Bunny, just as Queens Boulevard was his Buffalo 66.

Also, Jeanette, I would submit that "Acting School" was really more my idea than, you know, yours. At the very least it was a joint creation. You are the Jayson Blair of boobtubers.

Jeanette said...

Lies. It clearly came out of my mouth.