Thursday, May 03, 2007

What's a girl to do (since Rosie's leaving The View)?

In light of last week's tragic news that Rosie will be leaving The View next month, I did the only think that I knew would make me feel even a little bit better...I purchased the commemorative The View mug in its spring design, featuring a Rushmore-esque representation of Rosie, Barbara, Joy and Elizabeth. Total cost with shipping was $22.50.

It has arrived, but I need your help. Do I:

1) Clearly never use this mug because it is a collector's item that will (and should) be passed down from generation to generation?

2) Use this mug for its intended purpose: drinking delightfully warm beverages that also warm my soul, just like watching some 'Hot Topics' does?

3) Use this mug as a decorative pen holder on my desk, where I will get to look at it more often since I very rarely make warm beverages at home?

And by the by, my vote for Rosie's replacement EASILY is Whoopi Goldberg. While Sherri Shepard did have some hilarious co-hosting stints earlier in the season, Whoopi is the solid voice that that table needs.


J.J. said...

I think The View people were crazy to chase off Rosie. I also think Rosie was crazy to give the gig up because of monetary concerns. Please.

I don't like any of your three choices. I say smash the cup on the ground and giggle diabolically, like Rosie's character in "Riding the Bus with My Sister."

Jeanette said...

Your choice has potential, except then I might as well have saved myself a week and just ripped up $22.50 on the spot (Yes, I can rip quarters.)

Alanna said...

She can, I've seen it.

I love the "utter devastation" tag. Must use this in the future.

Patrick said...

You are not my mother!