Wednesday, May 23, 2007


So i have been promising my dear, co-blogger Alanna for a while now to do an Upfront Week recap. This turned out to be more daunting a task than you would think since I had a lot on my work place plate. Seriously...some people expect you to do shit for your paycheck. I decided to instead break down this Rushmore of a blog into daily increments, entitled WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! in which I inform you of the biggest mistake made by each network with their Fall 2008 schedule. Clearly being negative is tons more entertaining. Let's start with CBS...

Looking at all the shows on their radar, CBS was clearly on a quest to find a companion piece for GHOST WHISPERER, aka JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT DOES MORE THAN SHOW US HER TATAS IN HANES COMMERICALS.

Months back, I was convinced Moonves had a winner with BABYLON FIELDS, written by Gerald Cuesta, the helmer behind L.I.E. . BF explores what happens in Babylon, Long Island when the dead come back to life. The pilot focuses on the Wunch family, a mother and daughter who murdered their abusive husband/father and also lost a daughter/sister years ago. ZOINKS!

Scripts are usually very superficial reads for me...40 something pages I thumb through with a phone in one hand and a Campbell's Soup-At-Hand in the other (give me free soup). BABYLON FIELDS, however, kept me up at night.

Watching the pilot only reaffirmed my pussy-ness. It is so well executed, and to my Long Island native's delight, actually shot in Baldwin, Long Island, allowing for a non-Hollywood view of my precious subarbs. Amber Tamblyn wont the Lawn Guyland Accent contest over Ray Stevenson, who sounded like he might still prefer a cup of tea over a Big Gulp (give me a free big gulp). However, acting was overall great.

So what did CBS do instead of picking up this stroke of genius? They went with MOONLIGHT, about a vampire investigator fighting forces of evil. Never thought I would see the day where I don't like a vampire show, but GAG ME.



RC said...

man, i haven't had a big gulp in a while...i'll take a free one too.

Jeanette said...

Actually, rc, what I should have written was give me a free slurpee, as they truly are a more qunitiessential beverage of my Long Island youth. Mixing cherry slurpeee with Coke slurpee is the ultimate taste sensation.