Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lost Rumormongering

I try to avoid spoilers for my favorite shows. The word itself reveals why: the very nature of spoilers is to totally fuck up your potential enjoyment of an episode's various twists and turns. But the Internets are such that it is incredibly easy, and tempting, to spoil oneself. I like visiting Dark UFO for its intense dorkifications, like screengrabs of the mysterious Jacob from last week's Lost, but it also has a spoiler page that I find myself increasingly compelled to click on. I like to read Aint It Cool News's little teasers for episodes, but mostly because the ensuing insane fanboy talkbacks are hilarious. Alas, some dude named Lostfan108 (OK, buddy) posted spoilers all over the most recent talkback, several of which I glimpsed from between my fingers (yeah, I like to read websites half-blind.)

I understand how infuriating it can be to get spoiled without your consent. I once had a LiveJournal buddy who put a post behind a cut that read "I just found out I was adopted." Eager to get my Schadenfreude on by reading about someone else's family's dysfunctionality, I clicked the link. Behind which he had written "SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE" in caps like a million times. Now that called for an INSTANT DE-FRIENDING!

All this is to say, I'd love to hear some predictions for the last two episodes of this season of Lost, but that entails some airing of rumors and a confirmed spoiler or two. Caveat lector!

Qs for commenters, should you exist (and ideally will speculate on these q's, rather than answer definitively):

1) Which five characters will die?
2) Does Locke's Bad Dad count as one of the five?
3) What makes Jack's upcoming flashback so "dark"? Personally, I am hoping that the darkness means Jack commits suicide in flashback, and, to quote Douglas Adams, promptly vanishes in a puff of logic.
4) Is Locke dead?
5) Who is the returning cast member? Is he/she there to stay?
6) Will Eyeliner Guy make an appearance? He's hot.
7) Any other predictions?


Patrick Walsh said...

Hey, just wanted to thank you for ruining the Harry Potter series for someone else! Sooooo not cool.

My wand just went limp.

Patrick said...

I can't watch Lost. I just don't understand it. The last time I saw it there was black smoke. I thought it was about an island?! So confusing...

Alanna said...

Whoa, two Pats commenting at once! This is just Two Much (a romantic comedy starring Antonio Banderas.)

PW: you are a Hufflepuff, aren't you?

P: Don't worry, the writers are confused too.

Mark said...

The survivors get rescued.

Alanna said...

Mark, if you aren't being facetious, I'm going to be very angry!!

J.J. said...

Lost...is that that show with the surly doctor who knows everything? No, wait, that's Huff. No, House. Do they all live together in the house? No, wait, that's Grey's Anatomy. No, wait, that's the Real World. DID ANYONE SEE THE REAL WORLD FINALE LAST NIGHT? It was affirming.

Mark said...

No, I'm not. I was watching last nights episode with my lovely wife as usual, and we'd both read spoilers indicating that once viewers had seen the season finale, they'd wonder how the series could continue. Her guess is that the survivors are successfully rescued.

Alanna said...

J.J.- You're more confused than the Lost writers! And we don't watch The Real World, which is why you should GUEST BLOG about the finale.

Mark- Phew. Desmond's flashes did tell him that Claire and Aaron will get into a helicoptor... wouldn't it be a neat twist, though, if it wasn't rescuers in the chopper, but something else...?

Mark said...

That would be a great twist, not unlike what they did with Charlie and the underwater station. I think Desmond's last name is Hume for a reason - just because Claire gets into a helicopter doesn't necessarily mean she is going to get rescued.