Thursday, March 22, 2007

WWHBOD? Answered!

The NY Times, obviously staying abreast of our concerns here at the trend-making Boob Tubers, ran an article today about HBO's plans for keeping subscribers around after The Sopranos finale airs.

Chief Exec Chris Albrecht, also known as the Scourge of Deadwood, seems in deep denial highly optimistic about the cable channel's prospects.

So says the article,

Mr. Albrecht said HBO was promising its customers the channel would deliver “the goods,” which he defined as “something you can’t get anywhere else.”

If by "goods" he means "bizarre foreign knock-offs" and "surf noir," then yeah, I suppose you won't find those anywhere else. Chris & Co. will be satisfying their viewers' need for shows about "the zen of surfing," "quantum physics," "a singing duo from New Zealand" and "Lily Tomlin." Speaking of Lily Tomlin, I imagine she could use the support right now.

As dubious as all this sounds, I'm going to hang in there with HBO. Considering I not only tolerate, but enjoy repeat episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation, I think I can tough it out even if "the goods" backfire.


MertMengelmier said...

You have to love "Extras" too. The creators of that show just cancelled the third season, but for artistic reasons. There's nothing like seeing Ben Stiller point a 9mm at a lady and ask her son if he wants his mommy to die. Hilarious (seriously).

Alanna said...

I definitely enjoy the cringe-inducing humor of Extras, but I think that a lot of Americans can't appreciate it, unfortunately.

lauren said...

I have a couple things to say:

1. Gary Cole is fucking EVERYWHERE.
2. Flight of the Conchords is going to be either very, very good or very stupid, much like their music.

That being said, I cannot WAIT for new Big Love. Cannot.