Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Reno, Jesus is Number One

I was beyond excited to do a write up of the new season of Reno 911. The ink from my quill was literally dripping on the page when my phone rang. It was Manohla Dargis, NY Times film critic, telling me she wanted to make the crossover into television, that she though Boob Tubers was the best forum to do so in, and asking could she please please, pretty please write about Reno 911. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Manohla Dargis…

Well, you’re no James Lipton, but thank you nonetheless for the introduction, Jeanette.

As Comedy Central begins airing their third season of hit comedy/mockumentary Reno 911, there is only one thing in the forefront of the minds of critics, fans and naysayers alike: the blatant Christ/Christian imagery invoked by the wacky antics of Reno’s finest.

Oh how obvious, Reno 911, how stiflingly obvious that you would pick the THIRD season to berate us with these symbols. It is as if you are completing your own personal trinity, a theory backed secondarily by…how does that quip go…and baby makes three? Baby Jesus that is! If Trudy Wiegel’s unborn child isn’t the second coming of Christ, then I shall eat my [bishop’s] hat!

Trudie is likened to the Virgin Mary of early Renaissance literature and lore, worshipped for her womanly virtues, namely the ability to withstand the public’s critical eye in face of questionable paternity. Why, Trudie doesn’t have a care in the world, and certainly lacks a scarlet letter of any sort, as she proudly shows her blessed bump, the byproduct of the present day holy spirit (also known as a sperm bank).

The first two seasons have served their purpose in setting Reno up as a place in need of a saviour (a word so heavy in concept it must be spelled the British way). With its legalized dens of sin and its desert like climate, we are brought each Sunday evening to a modern day Sodom and Gamore. Where Dangle’s attempts at leadership have failed, Trudie’s womb fruit will no doubt bring peace.

In conclusion, WOWSA WOWSA WOWSA, I give this season 4 out of 5 BRAND NEW OSTRICH SKIN BOOTS.


J.J. said...

Any post about Reno is wonderful, but two points of order: 1. This is the fourth season. 2. Trudy is spelled "Trudy."

Seacrest out.

Anonymous said...

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Alanna said...

Manohla, I love your review of Lady in the Water, in which you compare Hollywood to a baby incubator. (I'm not kidding, go read this now.)

Anonymous said...

You might be inserting what you think is between these lines....