Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Insert George Michael Pun Here

Fox's recent announcement that it will launch a division dedicated to films with Christian themes reveals that the network best known for feeding people cow eyeballs is tapping into a significant but much-overlooked market. We at the Boob Tubers can only hope that this project will be such a success that Fox will also create new TV programming dedicated to the J-Man (that's Jesus, for you uninitiated heathens.) Here are some titles we think would be appropriate for a hypothetical channel that is ALL CHRISTIAN! ALL THE TIME!

* Fear of God Factor
* Hell's Kitchen (Is Where Jews Go When They Die)
* House of the Lord, M.D.
* The JC
* King of the Sacristy
* So You Think You Can Recite Scripture
* Trading Chapels: Meet Your New (and More Ungodly) Sect
* The Passion of the Christ: The Series

Any other shows we might look forward to?


Stef said...

The J Word (about a community of married heterosexuals in LA), Rosaries (where a married woman in a hethenistic community distrubutes christian love while running from an ungodly government), Abstinence and the City...

Alanna said...

Very funny choices, but I am punning on shows exclusively from the Fox Network. You clearly should be watching more TV.

Stef said...

They've got to expand to some premium cable at some point to beat out those sodomites and fornicaters at Sho and HBO.

Jeanette said...

Rip Alanna a new one Stef, for Fear Factor actually belongs to NBC. I vote for Abstinence and the City ALL THE WAY.

Alanna said...

Shit, you're right. I thought for sure it was Fox. I am deeply shamed.

J.J. said...


Aaron Riccio said...

Well, if we're punning just on FOX shows:

That 00's Show
"Hello Jerusalem!"


"Bad Jews, Bad Jews, what'chu gonna do, what'chu gonna do when they come for you."


Prison Break: The Original Sin
"Our hero, Adam, gets himself thrown out of Eden so he can break his non-existant brother out of jail."


"The ultimate anti-terror team--God, and his gruff partner, Jack Bauer--are always watching, working in mysterious ways to keep you watching for another season."

Jeanette said...

WELL PLAYED, Riccio. I lol ed until I popped my harp string.