Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Quick blupdate

Just a few thoughts on TV I've watched recently...

The MTV Movie Awards: Why was this so awkward? Robert Pattinson requiring a note to remind him to thank the cast and crew of Twilight? Kiefer Sutherland fake-crying for like thirty minutes? Bruno teabagging Eminem? OK, that last one was great. But otherwise, everyone seemed vaguely uncomfortable and/or high and Andy Samberg was wasted--WASTED I TELL YOU--as host. The show also made me wonder when exactly MTV switched their target demographic. When I was a kid, and too young to be watching MTV but watching it nevertheless (thanks Mom and Dad!) the programming was skewed more toward twenty- and thirty-somethings. Today, it's tween paradise. That's the only explanation for the fact that Zac Efron and Robert "surprisingly zero charisma" Pattinson won EVERYTHING.

The House finale: Obvs I'm way late to this, but I'd love to hear theories about what's up in the good doctor's brain. I doubt he's actually suffering from something schizo-related--how could the show continue with a legitimately crazy House? Maybe the format will switch to House puttering around a padded cell doing differential diagnoses of imaginary patients with like, a muppet, the ghost of Kumar, and a talking banana. Which actually sounds amazing.

No, but it's got to be either the aftermath of his head injury from the previous season--which also hardly works because symptoms should have manifested earlier--or just way too much Vicodin, which is kind of banal but the only realistic solution.

Also, why did the psychiatric facility he ended up at look like a Victorian asylum?? Is his roommate the Marquis de Sade? I mean seriously--are there really any facilities left in the country with like, fucking ivy-covered brick and ominous signage? Aren't they all just sanitized hospital wards? Is House going to face off against Nurse Ratched?


Jeanette's Mother said...

If you were too young, and even if you weren't, you didn't watch MTV on my watch.

Jeanette said...

I didn't realize you parented Alanna, mother. Did we live on some sort of commune that I'm unaware of?

Also, IN YOUR FACE I used to sneak episodes of You Can't Do That on Television all the time circa 1987.

Jeanette's Mother said...

(1) Sorry, I didn't read the byline.
(2)What was wrong with You Can't Do That on Television? Wasn't it a kids show on Nickelodeon?

Alanna said...

Jane, my parents are negligent heathens. Also, I agree, You Can't Do That on Television was on Nick. Jeanette was decidedly NOT a rebel.

clnt2009 said...

MTV....lol...it simlply sucks!!!!

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Vivian said...

Is this the end of Boobtubers!!

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